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When entire India was under British rule... Ballia was free...

A Mega TV Series based on Ballia Kranti of 1942.


The August Kranti (August Revolution), which took place in Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, is one among the most inspiring chapters of the Quit India Movement of 1942. The Indian National Congress at its Bombay session (August 1942) passed the famous Quit India resolution, calling for a mass struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. All the major leaders were arrested and the Congress itself was declared illegal. A dismayed India reacted spontaneously against this repressive act. Popular revolts broke out across the length and breadth of the country, with the battle cry of "British Quit India". In Ballia District of U.P. the revolt started with protest demonstrations of the students. The arrest of a few girls and at-random firing by the police in the market sent a wave of indignation into the hearts of the people. The resultant anger and excitement led to spontaneous acts of protest like removal of rails, cutting of telegraph wires and burning of railway and police stations in the rural areas.


The authorities surrendered immediately and the national flag was hoisted over these buildings. Having occupied the whole District and disrupted the colonial administrative machinery, the onus of setting up a parallel 'government' fell upon the leaders of the revolt. They undertook the task in a most responsible and efficient manner and a National Government was set up in Ballia on the 19th of August. Chittu Pandey, a charismatic leader described as the "Tiger of Ballia" by Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Hose, headed the Government. The entire population of Ballia supported the National Government and donated thousands of rupees to enable the Government to continue on its administration. Unfortunately, the new Government could not last for more than a few days, in the face of the severe repression unleashed by the British rulers. Though the movement was finally suppressed, it did succeed in demonstrating the depth and fervour of the nationalist feelings.


Our TV Series (Daily Soap) of around 250 Episodes is based upon this historic Event and will be shown on soon to be launched 'MAHUA TV'. The series is being made in Bhojpuri language but keeping the authenticity in mind of of the main charectors will speak in Hindi and English. The team of ASR Telefilms has just returned from the outdoor shooting which was done at the real locations of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. The team shot for about 20 days using best of the technicians and equipment. The serial will go on Air from 8th of June when MAHUA TV will be launched.


Although the series is based on freedom movement of 1942, it also features Mangal Pandey and Kunwar Singh two legendry freedom fighters of 1857, who were hails from this fertile soil of freedom fighters called BALLIA. 


This ASR Telefilms presentation is Produced by Sayed Asif Jaah, Directed by Shuja Ali and written by Sunil Akhtar. The Title song of the Serial is sung by KAILASH KHER and is penned by 'Sooraj hua madham' and 'Dolna' fame Anil Pandey. The songs are composed by Harpreet Singh ‘Nikku’.


The main star cast of the serial: Sanjay Swaraj as MANGAL PANDEY, Tarakesh Chauhan as VEER KUNWAR SINGH, Pradeep Chaudhari as CHITTU PANDEY, Ravi Jhankal as INSPECTOR ASLAM KHAN, Pushpa Verma as RAJVATO DEVI, Maya Yadav as SANJHARI DEVj, Talib Mehdi as SHANKAR SINGH, Shiv Gupta as MANGAL MISHRA, Ratan Lal as BHARAT LAL, Raj Gautam as BABU MURLI MANOHAR, Pankaj Kumar as THAKUR JAGANNATH SINGH, Rajaesh Dubey as RADHA MOHAN etc just to name a few.





- “1942”

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( 05.04.2008. )


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a webpage on ҷ... 1942




Shuja Ali director of tv series "KRANTI...Ballia 1942"

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